Living Water Foundation Ministries Inc.

Living Water Foundation Ministries Inc.

Living Water Foundation Ministries has been serving the faithful since 2003. Our mission is to spiritually uplift our community, the less privileged, the physically challenged persons, the persons with disabilities and work towards a greater good. We are tireless in our efforts to feed the hungry and clothe the poor. We help those seeking spiritual healing and enlightenment find the path that will lead them to the ultimate power of God. Our faith based outreach serves people of all races, creeds, and religions. We do not discriminate. We merely support our fellow man and woman, and serve as a guiding light of the world.

Rev. Damian Etonyeaku
Minister in Charge
Living Water Foundation Ministries Inc.

Call now for Prayer Request or Counseling in any of the following areas:

Abuse, Depression, Poor Self-Esteem, Addictions, Eating Disorders, Pre-Marriage Preparation, Anger, Fear, Spiritual Awareness, Anxiety, Guilt/Shame, Developmental issues, Bereavement/Grief, Loneliness, Stress, Trauma, Career Planning, Marriage & Family Communication, Conflicts, Personal development, Communication, Relationship issues, Family concerns, Parenting, Separation -Divorce, Family Violence, Childcare, Elder Care, Life transitions, Sexuality, Addictions (alcohol, drugs, gambling, Internet, sexual), Retirement, Health and Work-related concerns Career development

Contact Us For Seminars, Workshops and Conferences for your Organization or Institutions in any of the following

A. To expose future practitioners in allied social, health and human resources professions to individuals with intellectual and developmental  
disabilities and associated medical conditions.

B. To familiarize and sensitize future practitioners so that they will be able to support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities

C. To expand the knowledge of youths/ adults in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities and the provision of needed support.

D. To provide opportunities for social/ healthcare practitioners to collaborate as an inter disciplinary team during this experience and become familiar with person- centered planning practices.

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Dear Jesus,
I believe that you died for me and rose again on the third day. I confess I am a sinner. I need your Love and forgiveness. Come into my heart. Forgive my sins. I receive your eternal life. Confirm your love by giving me Peace, Joy and Supernatural Love for others 

We are always looking for volunteers. You will find that in volunteering, you will find joy and strength.

Call No:+1(757) 663-7314  or (757) 217-7652 for details.

The Living Water Foundation Inc
Promoting, protecting and empowering the less-privileged

European Chapter: Germany, Austria
 African Chapter: Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Malawi 
North American Chapter: USA

Living Water Foundation is a non-profit ,non-partisan, non-governmental foundation established to empower the vulnerable groups (the aged ,disadvantaged, the poor, Women, handicapped, disabled, deformed, less-privileged etc) with functional education, skill and good Medicare in order to harness their potential to live a fulfilling life of dignity and contribute to world economy.


(1) To provide opportunity for and meeting the basic learning needs of the disadvantaged, disabled, deformed handicapped and /or less-privileged children ,the excluded poor ,out of school youths with little or no access to basic education.

(2) To design innovative measures and activities to fund basic education and promote equal educational opportunities for the disadvantaged, disabled, deformed, displaced, the rural poor, refugees etc to meet their basic learning needs and give them opportunities of exchanging ideas with people from other countries of the world.

(3) To reduce the world's number of illiterate adults and promote mental dignity of the less privileged people.

(4) To process raw brains of the disadvantaged and less privileged group into productive and resourceful entities and ensure their full integration into the society to contribute to world economy.

(5) To promote access for all –to computer education, information technology and know-how including access to internet to the less privileged without discrimination.

(6) To build the capacity of education authorities at local, national and international level and relevant stakeholders to meet the basic learning needs including computer education of the disadvantaged group and attain education for all (EFA) target by 2015 and sustain same thereafter.

(7) To care and carter for the medical needs and overall welfare of the old, the aged and Elderly people and rehabilitate them to forestall high mortality rate amongst them.

(8) To establish offices ,institutions, homes etc in Europe ,Africa and United states of America to accomplish the foregoing objectives. Such homes, institutes and complexes shall include;

1) Elderly or Old People's Homes

2) Computer Institutes

3) Less-privileged complex with healthcare centers etc

4) A model education institution for disadvantaged, handicapped, disabled and less –privileged.

(9)To ensure that the less-privileged and the aged enjoy their Rights to standard of living adequate for the Health and well-being of themselves and their families as to Food ,clothing ,Housing and Medical care and necessary social amenities.(including the enjoyment of their right to physical and mental health)

(10) To campaign for the inclusion of information technology in the basic curriculum in Africa and developing nations

(11) The foundation shall carry out the foregoing objectives via detailed rolling plans to be worked out by the Board of the Trustees and /or Governors.

(12) The Foundation, shall source funds from United Nations and its agencies ,Donor Agencies, Foundations, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, institution including also governments institutions to carry out it,s objectives.

(13) The Foundation shall be made to commission ,market, design or manufacture suitable / specific resource materials for the development and training of the handicapped / less privileged


(a) Recognizing that education should be directed to impart life skills ,human dignity ,self esteem and self confidence on the recipients while developing their personalities, talents abilities and potential to live a full and satisfying life in the society.

(b) Emphasizing the importance of education as a key to sustainable development, peace ,stability and as effective means for participation of people in the society

(c) Appreciating the fact that education promotes mutual understanding ,exchange of ideas .tolerance .friendship and healthy interactions between people of different nations, tribes ,religions, language etc.

(d) Appreciating also the fact that every one has right to education aimed at meeting basic learning of needs of children ,youths and adults

(e) Welcoming the Dakar framework for action(2000)and Education for All (EFA)and United Nations Millennium Declaration in which it is resolved that children everywhere, boys and girls alike will be able to complete a full course of primary schooling and that girls will have equal access to all levels of education by 2015.

(f) Regretting that basic education in Africa is yet to be directed to the full development of the human personality and the realization of its potential ,even as graduates of the system have no identifiable skills ,acumen or contribute meaningfully to world economy.

(g) Recognizing that realization of the right to education without discrimination contribute to poverty reduction.

(h) Considering that discrimination in education is a violation of Right to Education guaranteed by Universal Declaration of Human Rights

( i) Deeply concerned with the fact that the less-privileged, the disadvantaged, the. handicapped, the disabled, deformed, the excluded poor ,girls, women, refugees, displaced persons nomads have been denied opportunity of satisfying their basic learning needs on account of poverty ,civil strife, economic stagnation, pregnancy, debt burden, war, marginalization etc.

(j)Recognizing the need to provide functional mass literacy, adult and non-formal education to the less privileged children ,youths and adults who had no opportunity of formal education or could not complete basic education for reasons beyond their control.

(k) Regretting that quality of education, the acquisition of human values and skills fall far short of the standard and needs of individuals to equip him /her to live fulfilling life and to be self reliant (especially in sub Saharan Africa).

(l) Invoking the spirit of our computer age and the realities of our internet generation, which require us to harness new information and communication technology to help achieve EFA goals ,and maximize the potentials of the less privileged.

(m ) Bearing in mind the necessity of assisting the disabled ,the deformed, the disadvantaged, handicapped, while meeting their health needs and assuring their welfare to live a happy life of human dignity.

(n) Realizing the need to take the responsibility of rehabilitating the aged, old and/or Elderly people who devoted their energies and resources at the time for humanity and benefit of mankind.

(o) Emphasizing the imperative to resettle, accommodate and provide for the aged: old and/or elderly (especially those who are poor) in a conducive environment with Health-care facilities and basic amenities of life.

(p) Regretting also the denial of the rights of the less privileged and the age to a standard of living, adequate for their health and well being of themselves and their families as to Food, Clothing, Housing and Medical Care and necessary social services




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